How is Southend’s housing crisis affecting you?

Although we are still awaiting the outcome of the planning application submitted for the former NHS public land at Fossetts Farm, we need to begin to prepare for our future responses – whatever the outcome.

As well as having access to statistics and research, it is really important that we can back this up with real life stories.

If you are currently on the housing list, are homeless, living in temporary accommodation or rough sleeping, if you are in poor quality privately rented property or are still having to live at home with your parents because of housing costs, or if you are a keyworker struggling to find a truly affordable home, we would like to hear from you.

Can you share your story, write a poem, provide an anecdote or quote or even share a picture? Please email us with your content and let us know whether you would like to remain anonymous or are happy to be named. We would like to use these submissions in our social media, on this website, at public meetings and in printed material.

If you are not personally affected, you may be able to help someone who is to send us their experience. Thank you.

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