Southend residents’ survey

The UK is currently facing a massive shortage of affordable homes. In Southend alone, there are around 1500 people on the waiting list for council housing and a great many more living in costly and unsuitable accommodation.

Fossetts for the People is a group of residents and workers in the Southend area who want to see the former NHS land around Fossetts Farm (separate to the proposed Southend United Football Club development), currently owned by government agency Homes England, to be used for council housing which the local community will be able to afford.

We would be most grateful if you would complete this brief survey, as a local resident or business. For a paper copy please email us with your postal address and we wil gladly send you one (or more if you wish to pass them on).

The purpose of the survey is to ensure that our campaign – for the Fossetts Farm site to be used for a development of council homes – is based on the views and priorities of the local community. Please feel free to add brief comments after each set of questions.

Your individual responses will be kept confidential, although details that you choose to provide may be used to contact you regarding future consultation as the campaign progresses.

Survey form

  • Renting from private landlord / agency
  • Renting from council
  • Renting from housing association
  • Owner occupier (incl with mortgage)
  • Living with relatives / friends
  • Living in a residential care home
  • Temporary accommodation / street homeless / other
  • Yes
  • No
  • Yes
  • No